Atlanta-Based GreenTec Homes Has a Solution Costly Water Bills in Atlanta

By Melanie Beal

Like most Atlanta homeowners, you’ve noticed that water bills here are high. In fact, costs for Atlanta’s water has increased by 233 percent since 2001 for monthly usage of 1,000 cubic feet of water. This increase is a result of the new clean water policies requiring the city to upgrade the water system. Well, our client, GreenTec Homes, has a viable, green solution.

In order to combat this costly problem, they can install a water filtration system that guarantees water bill cost reduction by at least 70%. This greywater filtration system, used by well-known actor Matt Damon to deliver and conserve water to developing countries through his non-profit, is also being used in GreenTec’s residential homes and commercial projects.

GreenTec's New World Sanitation System (NWS) uses the greywater filtration system for irrigation of lawns and for refilling the toilet after flushing. NWS is an all natural, biodegradable system that breaks down the bacteria and harmful enzymes in the water and pumps it back into the tank.

GreenTec CEO, Trevor Erridge explains. “Our NWS system is all natural and completely blocks harmful chemicals and bacteria through a much more cost effective means of using nanotechnology. It also far outreaches the life-span of the competition and significantly reduces operation costs and maintenance.”

In fact, all of the green, energy-efficient technologies that GreenTec uses in its residential and commercial projects–from SIP panels to Energy Star Certified appliance–continually help owners lower their utility bills and live in environmentally responsible manner.

GreenTec believes that substantially-green building can be affordable as well as aesthetically appealing. And, they also use 100% “green” technologies because “it is well past time to take advantage of the new technologies consistently available in order to preserve and reuse our valuable natural resources. Not only are we being environmentally conscious, but by investing those few extra dollars for these revolutionary technologies, we are also saving the consumer tons of money to do something as easy as flush the toilet!” says Erridge.

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