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By Shiyra Sadoff

Since our brand is cause marketing and PR, I am always watching out for inspiring examples that resonate.

Kudos to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) for coming up with a brilliant cause marketing campaign that ended on May 31 Before and after concerts, and during intermission, a message was flashed in front of patrons- “Give $5, help us meet our goal.”

 In addition, each program contained an insert that said, “when  I play music I get better grades, your $5 makes it possible. Help provide one hour of music lessons for one child.”

The ASO made it so simple through text or email, so that it was affordable for each and every one of us.  

Of course, the ASO is not the only non-profit running this types of campaign. Numerous companies and nonprofit organizations run similar campaigns asking for small donations for great causes year round.  Stores such as Kroger, Wal-Mart, PetSmart and Publix run these campaigns regularly for various causes. Typically, the cashiers at each location will ask the customer during checkout for a small donation for groups and places such as a children’s hospital, disaster relief for victims, care packages for troops, etc.

 Similarly, the “round it up campaign” was organized by a group of restaurant owners. When the waiters brought out the customer’s check, they asked if a customer would round up the bill to the next dollar amount as a donation to those in need around the U.S.  This type of cause marketing has been very successful and convenient for customers who might not otherwise contribute to a cause.  

 The March of Dimes campaign recently started using a lot of media outlets to ask for small donations to help out with great causes as well. They got the radio stations involved during radio commercials to ask their audiences to call in for donations.

Thanks for reading this and stay tuned for more.

Photo courtesy of the Georgia Arts Network

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