Inspirational Cause Marketing Campaigns: Bruster’s Puts the Fun in “Fun”draising!

By Melanie Beal


Photo: Bruster's

During the summer everyone is looking for new ways to cool off and have fun! Bruster's Real Ice Cream has made it easy to do that AND raise money for organizations. They have many fundraising options, but Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR's favorite is the Scooper Night. 

All you have to do is supply your own "celebrity scooper" to serve ice cream to the customers and Bruster's donates a percentage of sales to your organization. Helping organizations raise money is an important part of keeping those organizations running. Many people forget about the importance of fundraising when talking about cause marketing, but Bruster's hits the nail on the head. 

Cause marketing is our passion at Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR and we are always excited to hear when others share our passion! (Especially when its a fun way to cool off during the hot summer!)

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