Southern Barter Club is Passionate about Non-Profits

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By Melanie Beal

Times are tough, especially for cash strapped non-profits, and you don't always have the monetary funds for the basic necessities. This is where barter can come in handy. You may not have a couple hundred dollars to fix the engine in your car or to repair that leak in the shower, but you do have an abundance of hand-made jewlery or ability of web design services. The barter system let's you trade what you have for what you need/want with no monetary cost to you. There are barter clubs all across the United States, but none as passionate as Southern Barter Club (SBC).

SBC founders Henry and Laurie Sossa believe that implementing barter exchange into daily life is a useful tool for all businesses. The couple has owned many businesses in multiple industries before creating SBC and they have always used elements of barter in their companies. Not only do they provide businesses a convienent way to obtain products/services needed, but they are also advocates for non-profit organizations. 

The Sossas allow non-profit organizations to join SBC without impeding on their financial balance. Southern Barter Club waives transaction fees and offers free membership for non-profit organizations interested in joining the over 700 member barter club. The Sossas passion for helping non-profits is so great that Laurie Sossa personally handles all of the non-profit accounts. 

With a Southern Barter Club membership, non-profits are able to use trade dollars for fundraising events and activities which generate revenue and awareness for the organization. Non-profit organizations are also able to accept any and all donations (even if the donation cannot be used by the organization) because it can sell it through SBC and increase its trade dollars.

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