GreenTec Homes, Inc.

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Services Provided:

Event planning, cause marketing, publicity, social web marketing, strategic introductions.


Marketing Challenge:

As a relatively new company, founded in 2011, GreenTec Homes has the objective of building substantially-green, energy efficient homes in the Beall’s Hill Neighborhood of Macon, GA. knew that becoming known as a recognized "green" builder would take presence far more substantial online and traditional media presence that also leveraged cause marketing. They hired ACMPR (then Pearlman Associates) to help them expand their marketing capabilities in those areas using a targeted local marketing approach that combined effective offline and online marketing strategies.

Marketing Solutions:

  • Planned and publicized Hard Hat Walkthrough event at build site and reception in Macon, GA.
  • Collaborated with a local Macon elementary school to donate 50 homemade Christmas ornaments to the Ronald McDonald House in Macon.
  • Publicized innovative New World Sanitation System to express energy efficiency and sustainability GreenTec increasingly promotes.
  • Nominated GreenTec for the 2013 E3 Awards as a result of their energy efficient New World Sanitation System.
  • In collaboration with our strategic partner, Audience Matters, developed new website specific to their Beall’s Hill project and significantly enhanced their social media strategy.
  • Created and executed specific publicity campaigns for GreenTec's projects and other "green," technology.

Marketing Outcome:

Because we used a targeted local marketing approach, promoting GreenTec's "substantially-green" (a descriptor we associated with their brand) initiatives has created enhanced recognition of the builder helping them generate more interest in the media and buyers in substantially-green, increased in energy efficient and environmentally-friendly commercial and residential developments. The cause marketing associated with the Ronald McDonald House has also warmed the hearts of potential GreenTec clients by showing that not only does the company care for the environment, but also the people living in the communities in which GreenTec builds its home. Our campaign got GreenTec publicity on Georgia Public Broadcasting and NewsCentral ABC 16/Fox 24.

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