Morganstern Urology Clinic


Services Provided:

Speaking engagements, event planning, and publicity.

Marketing Challenge:  With the theory that "men take better care of their cars than their bodies," Dr. Steven Morganstern wanted to raise awareness of men's health issues through publicizing them in community service organizations and media outlets across the country.

Marketing Solutions:

  • Organized book signing events and publicity with the publishers of Dr. Morganstern’s three books on men’s health problems.
  • Organized outreach seminars at local hospitals and publicized them through community organizations.
  • Wrote Op-Ed articles on “Why Men Take Better Care of Their Cars Than Their Bodies”.
  • Nominated the doctor for awards sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society.
  • Wrote human interest stories about the doctor’s patients and placed in numerous publications.
  • Worked with local medical reporters to publicize Dr. Morganstern’s pioneering treatments.
  • Coordinated media inquiries on clinical trials that the Dr. conducted.

Marketing Outcome: After our efforts, Dr. Morganstern became internationally recognized as an expert in his field for his revolutionary work dealing with men's health problems including prostate cancer. He and his patients appeared on such international broadcast media outlets as the Discovery Channel, CNNABC's 20/20, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and Good Morning America as well as in multiple local and community newspapers. According to Dr. Morganstern, we were responsible for the growth of his practice during the 10 year period that we represented him.

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