Our Approach

We Help You Build and Leverage Important AlliancesAtlanta Cause Marketing & PR is a leading community-oriented PR firm in Atlanta that recognizes the new business reality that your "network is your net worth" where building alliances through causes and connections is imperative.

So, since 1977 when we began as Pearlman Associates Public Relations and Marketing, we have worked with a diverse group of businesses from start-ups to Fortune 100’s ranging from non-profits, retail, professional services, consumer products and restaurants to help them do just that.

Because we're locally-based but globally-minded and understand cultures and communities connect much the same way everywhere, we've served local clients with global connections as well as clients located worldwide. Regardless of where they're located or where they're from, we help our clients achieve recognition in print, online and in broadcast media, as well as in their local communities and business organizations. We then help them broaden their reach beyond their city, state, regional or global borders.

One of the most effective ways we do this is through cause marketing. Our firm strategically matches its clients with the right causes or sponsors. For example, if you are a nonprofit, we will work to find you sponsorships from for-profit enterprises and appropriately market those relationships to the community so you both benefit. If you're a for-profit business, we can help you identify the causes for which you have an affinity, connect appropriately with them through board work, sponsorships or volunteer activities, train your staff to be involved in these activities and then promote your activities to the media and community.

We use this strategy of cause-based publicity because, as the media have evolved, we have learned that causes get attention. And, given that we are passionate about communities, people and their causes, we have shifted our focus to cause marketing as the most effective media-getting strategy. Does that mean we no longer create and execute the effective, non-cause PR campaigns we're well-know for doing for our clients? No. We do. but, we understand how and when straight publicity works and when it's not the most effective way to leverage your marketing budget.

So, we will combine the right mix of strategic introductions, event planning and PR to maximize your cause marketing efforts so that you may get the "ROR", return on relationships as well as the ROI (return on investment) you seek. Here are our core competencies, the areas of expertise for which we've become well-known globally. Here are some of the key strategies–those core competencies–we help you employ to achieve your marketing objectives.

  • Build Alliances. We will create alliances to connect your team with language and culture specialists, experts in international marketing, banking and accounting, business growth consultants, print/web designers, social media strategists and others as merited to ensure your success.
  • Get Media. We are communications experts who understand the staying power of traditional media and the reach of social media and are equally comfortable in creating strategies in either that tell the unique story of your company.
  • Encourage Community Involvement. We will teach your managers and employees to become involved in their communities by volunteering in their neighborhoods, schools and the arts, and we will work with you to open your offices for community events.
  • Engage in Civic Service. We will use our extensive civic connections to reach out to key leaders in chambers of commerce, Kiwanis, Rotaries, non-profits and other groups to place you in leadership positions in these and other organizations that matter.
  • Enhance Your Professional Profiles. We will book your key personnel as speakers for business and civic organizations and work behind the scenes to win them nominations for service awards and election to seats on boards of directors.
  • Send the Right Message. We will review and assist with your B2B and B2C correspondence, ads and websites to ensure the message they send in your home country also translates to an Atlanta audience.
  • Develop Your Connections. We have an enviable track record of creating, improving and extending client brands because of our extensive connections in Atlanta’s business community, its civic organizations, its social and and cultural life, and in its print, broadcast and online media. Our involvement is our passion and your globally local competitive edge.

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