Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR provides a wide variety of PR & marketing services designed to get you ink, airtime, online visibility and well-known in your community. Accordingly, we offer  the following services to clients across industries, across professions, across North America and across the globe:

  • Cause MarketingOur firm has always embraced volunteer-based non-profit organizations. Both as volunteers and as consultants, we have helped hundreds of these organizations to prosper by creating alliances for them with interested for-profit organizations willing to provide support and raise funds for them. These mutually beneficial relationships enhance community support for our for-profit clients. Moreover, our clients causes are as diverse as literacy, homeless shelters, canine assistance, diabetes, fatherless children, cancer awareness and international understanding. Our methods include outreaching grassroots groups, liaisons with for-profit entities, corporate sponsorship solicitation, traditional publicity and social web marketing in conjunction with our strategic partners. Through these marketing activities, we help leverage our clients' causes to help gain visibility in the media and their communities often causing their target market to appreciate their good corporate citizenship and reward them for it with increased patronage.
  • Community Relations StrategyNow, more than ever, giving back to your local community is an important component of any company's marketing plan, as well as to the personal growth of its employees. Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR has placed high-achieving individuals in touch with their passions and pet projects to allow them to make a contribution to a public program and raise their profiles where they live and work.
  • Strategic IntroductionsActive in the metro Atlanta community for more than 38 years — working with Chambers of Commerce, industry association groups and non-profit boards of directors — we know the people who make the decisions, we know where they work, and we know where they gather to talk business. We excel at traditional networking, working a room from top to bottom, as well as connecting people one-on-one. Would you like to be introduced? It's the most powerful, persuasive form of marketing there is.
  • Event PlanningWhether a charity benefit, a patient education workshop, a press party for a new restaurant, or a career weekend attracting thousands, we strategize with our clients to create and execute an event that will reach the target audience, achieve visibility and attract new customers. We assist in planning menus, enlisting speakers, recruiting our celebrity contacts, and other tasks–large and small.  In addition, our contacts are infinite across the globe: we know how to access them and create a win-win for them and our clients.
  • Publicity & Media RelationsWith over 40 years of experience in the industry, Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR is expert in creating the kind of coverage that will lead to exposure for your company or event. The agency has built a network of writers, editors and producers to ensure that your company gets the best possible placement in the apporpriate traditional media and online outlets.
  • Speaking EngagementsThere is still nothing more effective than meeting your audience face to face. Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR will find the venues and make the arrangements for you to make a first-person appeal to your prospects in a setting conducive to doing business or influencing opinions.
  • Social MediaEngaging on social media and creating and executing a strong, overall social web marketing strategy is critical today for overall success. We provide limited basic social media services in-house but can provide advanced social web branding strategies through one of outstanding our strategic partners.
  • Branding—No marketing or communications plan can succeed without a clear understanding of your own capabilities and the competitive landscape. And no one will beat a path to your door without creative marketing that communicates your message to your audience and issues a clear call to action.


    Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR works with advertising, social branding and visual communications professionals to provide the insight, the concepts and the messaging that will identify the unique aspects of your venture and set it apart from your competitors. We don't just give you a strategy — we help you create the right content and execute the strategies effectively.


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